Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer Colorado

Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer ColoradoAs a family dispute mediation lawyer Colorado has to offer, we have been helping spouses, and families, settle their disputes without the emotional drain of a courtroom. As mediators, we don’t take sides. Rather, it is our objective to act as a neutral third-party facilitator and educator. We inform those involved in common legal practices, and rulings, and help them to settle their disputes in a way that is amicable and practical. 

Mediators do not make decisions on behalf of those involved. In fact, as a family dispute mediation lawyer in Colorado, we guide spouses throughout the process; thereby, enable them to make their own decision. Because we are a legal law firm, we also complete the necessary legal documents on the parties’ behalf and draft the terms of the divorce, custody arrangements, and any other agreements as needed. 

Understanding Mediation

Mediation offers a safe and comfortable space for all parties involved to discuss the elements, aspects, and facts of a situation, such as a divorce. Legal disputes can be openly discussed, with the intention of a resolution that meets both parties’ satisfaction. Mediation is generally much more affordable than litigation, or legal proceedings in a courtroom which is why it is a preferred method of advocacy. As a family lawyer Colorado trusts, we know that divorces and family law issues tend to involve a lot of heated emotions. It is our goal to keep both parties as calm as possible so they can come to a resolution that is based upon logic, facts, and reason, rather than emotions. 

Our Colorado family dispute mediation lawyers are called upon for a number of situations, including, but not limited to:

  • Divorce
  • Child Visitation
  • Child Custody
  • Alimony
  • Retirement Distribution
  • Asset Distribution
  • Property Division
  • + More

Mediation is much different than litigation. If your case is brought to court, you will either participate in multiple hearings or a trial. The case is resolved by rulings made by a judge. This means you have no control over the outcome This legal process often costs several thousands of dollars and could last for months or years. Usually, at least 2 lawyers will need to be retained by both parties, and the process can be emotionally tolling. Mediation is a healthy contrast to the litigation process of a family law matter. 

Mediation also allows both parties to feel like they get the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions. They will also be in more control over the outcome of what happens. When handled correctly, mediation can offer a sense of closure that is often not possible in a courtroom. 

Working as a family dispute mediation lawyer in Colorado, we have been helping families find common ground. Together, we can identify solutions to practically all problems that have arisen along the way. 

If you feel that mediation might be a solution for you, your spouse, and your family, please call Zweig Law. Mediation may require as little as one to three meetings, or it may need more – depending on your unique situation. We will talk about:

  • Your mutual goals and concerns
  • Documents or pleadings that need to  be filed with the courthouse
  • Disclosure with both parties
  • Negotiations of the terms of the divorce, custody, visitation, etc.
  • Review the final agreements and file the necessary documents with the court

To speak with a family dispute mediation lawyer in Colorado, please call Zweig Law.