Colorado Family Dispute Mediation LawyerColorado Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer


A Colorado family dispute mediation lawyer can help ensure that your divorce process is one that is not filled with acrimony and conflict. While many couples will find that mediation is the best choice for their family law issue, there are some couples that this process just isn’t working, and they are unable to come to an amicable and agreed-upon resolution. When this occurs, the couple’s first reaction may be to just pursue traditional litigation, however, many who find themselves in this position instead successfully complete mediation with a different mediation professional and are able to avoid litigation.

What Is Mediation?

When a person chooses to work with a family dispute mediation lawyer in Colorado instead of going through the litigation process, they will work with a mediator to negotiate and reach an agreed-upon divorce settlement. The mediator’s role is to remain neutral and he or she does not favor one party over the other. However, just as with other professionals, not every mediator is for every couple. One spouse may feel as if the mediator is favoring the other spouse. It could also just be a matter of mediation style. If this occurs, instead of walking away from the mediation process, the couple should consider just working with a different mediator.

Another reason why choosing another mediator to work with is more beneficial than litigation is because when a couple chooses to go through the collaborative divorce process, they are required to sign an agreement upfront that if the process doesn’t work and they have to turn to the courts to decide how the divorce will be completed, they must both get brand new attorneys to represent them. You will not longer be able to work with your current family lawyer Colorado provides.

This means you will have to restart the entire process from the beginning again. This not only increases the final cost of your divorce, but may also significantly increase the length of time it will take before it is final. Your Colorado family dispute mediation lawyer will be able to explain if this type of stipulation applies in your situation and what your options may be.

If you are unsatisfied with the mediator you are working with, make sure to discuss this with your Colorado family dispute mediation lawyer. It is important to identify the reasons why you were uncomfortable with the mediator. In some situations, it may be that it is not the mediator that is the problem but instead it is the marital issues that are being negotiated or the relationship between the two spouses that is the actual underlying process. If that is the case, then litigation may be the better option to end the marriage.

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