Colorado CPS Attorney

Colorado CPS AttorneyA Colorado CPS attorney may be critical for parents who are interfacing with the Department of Child Welfare. Services provided by the department are aimed to intervene to protect the emotional, physical, and mental well being of children. This work is aimed at child protection and strengthening the family’s ability to care for their children safely. When the department does not believe that this can occur, further interventions may be required. In some situations, the state may even file for custody of a person’s child. As a parent, the loss of custody can be tough to contend with. When up against a state system, it can feel as though the deck is stacked against you. At Zweig Law, PC Attorneys at Law, we will work with you to stand up for your rights so that you have the best opportunity at regaining custody of your child. It’s only natural that your mind will be reeling during this time, and as a result, you will want the many questions you have answered. 

What is CPS?

Across the country, each state has its own child welfare agency to protect the overall safety and wellbeing of children while also working to ensure their permanency. CPS stands for Child Protective Services. In Colorado, the state’s child welfare system is a division of the Department of Human Services. Typically, family services, or child welfare, manages reports of abuse and neglect regarding children. Our family lawyer in Colorado shares that, following an investigation, the state may either close the case, determine that it should remain open, or recommend further intervention by filing for custody of the child.  

How will I know if CPS is investigating me?

Procedural elements to the investigation process can vary from state to state; however, typically, when CPS receives a call of abuse or neglect, they will commence the investigation as soon as possible. In most states, this should be initiated within 24 hours. Typically the assigned CPS worker will make contact to inform you of the investigation. Be aware that in some cases, depending upon the nature of the report, the worker may make contact with your child before speaking with you. Depending upon the outcome of the investigation, CPS will either close the case, recommend further services, and in some cases, request custody. 

Do I have a right to see my child when they are in CPS custody?

Even if the state has taken custody of your child, it’s essential to know that you still have your parental rights. Meaning, you still have a right to see your child. Not only is this in the best interest of your child, but it is also imperative to their well being. The nature of visitation can vary and, in some situations, may be supervised depending upon the concern. 

Why would I need legal counsel when dealing with CPS?

When managing a case where the state has intervened, it’s in your best interest to seek legal counsel from a lawyer with experience in this area of practice. In addition to managing the local court systems, parents will also be left to contend with the state’s child welfare department. When handling such large systems, a lawyer will be imperative to ensure that your rights as a parent remain intact. They will advocate for your wishes, challenge the allegations, represent clients in court hearings, provide support during interactions with the state, ensure you receive visitation with your child, and assist with regaining custody.

When it comes to children, it’s vital as a parent to keep their best interests at the forefront. However, sometimes, in situations involving child welfare, it will be critical that you do everything in your power to have your voice heard during the process. To gain support from our Colorado CPS attorney, schedule a consultation with Zweig Law, PC Attorneys at Law, without hesitation.