A surgical injury attorney Breckenridge, CO offers from Zweig Law, PC knows that when you are going in for surgery you probably know there will be some risks associated with it. Your medical team should inform you of these risks—known as informed consent—so that you can have as much information as possible when making the choice to undergo surgery or not. However, you may not realize that there are other risks during surgery, including being under the care of doctors or nurses that are acting negligently. If you recently underwent surgery and believe that malpractice occurred, it is in your best interest to speak with one of our attorneys as soon as possible. We want to help make things right. Call our office to schedule an initial consultation with a team member today. 

What does surgical malpractice mean? 

When your attorney argues that surgical malpractice occurred, they are going to want to make sure they have as much evidence as possible to prove that this is the case. Surgical malpractice is not when you undergo surgery and do not get the outcome you were hoping for. Instead, it occurs when your surgical team did not treat you with the same level of care that you would have received from another hospital. If another competent medical professional in the same situation would have performed differently and achieved a more favorable outcome, then you may be looking at a surgical malpractice case. 

What will your attorney do? 

One of the first things that your medical malpractice attorney Breckenridge, CO trusts will do is gather one or more expert witnesses who can attest to whether the care you received was appropriate or not. You may be looking at bringing a suit against:

  • A nurse
  • A surgeon
  • The anaesthesiologist
  • Other medical staff

Again, you assume certain risks when you undergo surgery. However, if your nurse or healthcare professional did not inform you of these risks, this may be another way that malpractice has occurred. Make sure you document as much information as possible when you go to speak with your attorney and walk them through the timeline of events. If, for example, you woke up in the middle of surgery because the anesthesiologist was not monitoring you appropriately and giving you the correct doses, this could be one example of surgical malpractice. 

Any type of medical malpractice can traumatize you and leave you fearful of going to medical professionals again. If you would like to work with an attorney on your suit, reach out to our Breckenridge, Colorado surgical injury attorney at Zweig Law, PC.