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As any parent can attest to, caring for small children and babies tends to require a significant amount of equipment and gear. Aside from the standard strollers, highchairs, and clothes that are quickly outgrown, there are any number of toys and specialty items that promise to either educate and entertain your child or make your life as a parent easier. There are plenty of good products available, but there is also a shocking number of defective products for children sold in the U.S. every year from otherwise reputable vendors. These products tend to get recalled over time, but not before a number of children have been hurt as a result of their defects and/or inherent dangers.

If your child has been harmed by a product, whether that product is medication or a toy, an item of clothing or a food item marketed to kids, you can work with a product liability lawyer Summit County residents trust when evaluating your legal options. If you choose to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer or distributor, you may be entitled to compensation related to the harm that your child has suffered. The experienced team at Zweig Law, PC can clarify your options once we learn more about your child’s unique situation. 

Dangerous Children’s Products

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) acts to protect consumers against injuries that are caused by dangerous and defective products sold in Colorado and throughout the U.S. The CPSC estimates that costs associated with injuries, deaths, and property damages as a result of these products top $1 trillion each year.

When consumer reports and complaints are filed regarding products that are potentially dangerous, the CPSC investigates the matter and may issue a product recall. Manufacturers and retailers may recall products of their own accord as well. Thousands of products are flagged each year and among those most common on the list are baby and childcare supplies. It is worth noting that you can explore your legal options with a Summit County product liability lawyer at our firm regardless of whether the product that harmed your child has yet to be recalled or not. 

Hold Product Manufacturers Accountable

When product manufacturers sell defective products and/or fail to issue the proper warnings about potential dangers, they can be held liable for the harm that these products cause. If you choose to file a claim with the help of an experienced Summit County product liability lawyer, you may be entitled to some/all of the following damages:

  •     Current and future medical expenses
  •     Lost wages and future losses in earnings due to disabilities
  •     Compensation for pain, suffering, and any scarring that results
  •     Punitive damages, meant to punish at-fault parties for conduct that was particularly willful or negligent

Contact a Colorado Defective Product Attorney

When parents purchase products for their children – whether those products are for the care of their child or for the child’s enjoyment and play – they expect that the companies that manufacturers that items have done all that is possible to ensure these products are safe. When these companies fail in this task, either through negligence or greed, both federal and state laws are in place that allow families to pursue damages against those responsible for the injuries that children suffer because of a defective product.

If you or someone you care about has suffered injuries due to a defective or dangerous product, reach out and contact a Summit County product liability lawyer at our firm today. We will schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation to evaluate your case and let you know what legal options may be available to you. Call our office today to find out how our legal team can help your family obtain financial justice. We look forward to speaking with you.