Our trusted lawyer for personal injury claims Breckenridge, CO residents rely on knows that one of the most difficult things about getting injured after an accident is that it is unexpected. You have no idea you are going to get injured and this affects almost every area of your life, including how you are able to take care of your family, whether you can go back to work, and even whether you can enjoy your regular hobbies. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury and are not sure where to turn, contact Zweig Law, PC

Determining If Filing a Personal Injury Claim is Right For You

Filing a personal injury claim is not going to be the right move for everyone. If you were responsible for the accident (you tripped over your own shoes, you injured yourself because you were distracted) then you will not get very far filing a personal injury claim. When you meet with your attorney from our personal injury law firm Breckenridge, CO knows, it is important to be honest about the accident so that we can begin building a sound case on your behalf. 

I’m nervous about going to trial for my claim. Can you ease my fears? 

Yes. In fact, most personal injury cases never see the courtroom floor! While we are willing to go to court and argue on your behalf for well-deserved compensation, most of the time a case can be settled outside of court. Both parties will likely pay less than they would going into court, the case will be more private, and it can avoid lengthy courtrooms battles that will take longer than it would to settle. 

When is someone else going to pay for my injuries? 

This depends on the circumstances surrounding your case. Not all injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence. Just because an accident occurred does not mean that one of the parties involved must have been negligent. When that happens, either you or your insurance company will be paying for the damage. On the other hand, when another party involved in the accident demonstrates negligent or reckless behavior that caused the accident to occur, then working with one of our attorneys will help when you want to file a personal injury claim. 

Do you want to learn more? 

If you are interested in filing a personal injury claim, don’t hesitate to make a consultation with our team. Our Breckenridge, Colorado personal injury claims attorney can help you when you are ready to take the next steps.