DUI Conviction lawyer Summit County, ColoradoDUI Conviction lawyer Summit County, Colorado


While there are certain crimes that the public has a stereotypical version of what the person charged may be like (i.e. bank robber, gang member, etc.), people who are charged with driving under the influence come from all walks of life. A DUI arrest can happen to anyone. One of the reasons for this is many people who are charged with DUI think that these types of incidents only happen to other people and so they may not realize that by having that second or third drink and driving home they broke the law. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you need a Summit County, Colorado DUI conviction lawyer fighting for your rights.

What Happens When a Driver Is Stopped for DUI?

When a police officer suspects a driver may be under the influence, that is enough legal reason for the officer to stop the driver. As a DUI conviction lawyer in Summit County, Colorado can explain, the following may then occur:

  1. The officer will ask for the driver’s license and registration.
  2. If the officer believes the driver may be impaired, they will ask the driver to submit to a field sobriety test. A driver does have the legal right to refuse the test. Questions about this can be answered by a DUI defense lawyer Summit County, CO residents trust.
  3. If the driver agrees to the test and does not pass the tests to the officer’s satisfaction, the officer then has probable cause to arrest the driver, bring them to the police station where the driver is then required under the law to submit to chemical testing. The alcohol content test may be done via breath, urine, or blood.
  4. If the driver refuses to submit to the chemical testing or the fail the chemical testing, an automatic statutory summary suspension of their driver’s license applies. The criminal case will also proceed.

In some situations, the driver may be able to obtain a monitoring device driving permit while their criminal case is pending. A DUI conviction lawyer in Summit County, Colorado can evaluate your case to see if this applies to your individual case.

Other Consequences

In addition to all the above consequences that occurs when a driver is stopped for DUI, there are other costly factors that may affect them. When a person is arrested for driving under the influence, their vehicle is usually towed and impounded by police. This means the driver has to pay for the tow and the daily storage fee that is charged until they are able to get someone to pick their vehicle up for them. Since they are not allowed to drive, they cannot pick it up themselves.

There is also the expense of bail the driver likely had to post in order to not have to sit in jail until their criminal case is resolved. The amount of bail set by the court is usually based on the driver’s past criminal and driving record, as well as the circumstances of the arrest.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, contact a DUI conviction lawyer Summit County, Colorado clients recommend today from Zweig Law, PC.