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After someone else’s negligence has resulted in you becoming injured, you should seek help from a bodily injury law firm Breckenridge, CO offers from Zweig Law, PC. There are many reasons a person chooses not to seek legal help after someone else has injured them, whether it is because they think they would not win a personal injury claim or they are embarrassed by the situation. However, our attorneys are here to discuss your options with you and we want you to understand how important it is to get the compensation you deserve after someone else has injured you. If you are interested in learning more about working with our attorneys to file a personal injury claim, contact our team now. 

What are some of the first things we will discuss in the consultation? 

You probably want to know what we will go through when we meet during your first consultation. We will want to know a few things:

  • The Accident. First, we will want to learn more about the accident you were in. Were you on someone else’s property? Were you in a car accident? What situation caused you to become injured and who do you believe is responsible? 
  • Compensation. You probably want to know how much compensation you can get for your claim. While we can make no guarantees, our personal injury law firm Breckenridge, CO relies on can discuss what a typical amount of compensation may look like for your accident and injuries. 
  • The Process. We will then discuss the process that typically occurs when it comes to personal injury claims, what timeline you may expect, and what will happen when we file a claim and hear back from the other party. 

What will have an impact on the amount of compensation I receive? 

There are many things that can impact how much compensation you receive from your personal injury claim. For example, if you suffered from a broken arm you would probably receive less compensation for medical bills than you would for something like an injured spine or a traumatic brain injury. Other things that can impact compensation are whether you are partially responsible for the accident occurring, what the long-term effects are (can you go back to work?), and if you suffered from emotional trauma. 

At Zweig Law, PC, we care deeply about our clients. To see how we can help you during this time, contact our Breckenridge, Colorado bodily injury law firm today.