Best Child Support Lawyer in Breckenridge

Best Child Support Lawyer in Breckenridge

Divorced couples who have minor children and must negotiate terms of child support payments, may rely on the best child support lawyer in Breckenridge at Zweig Law, PC for help. These payments are designed to pay for food, clothes, education and other needs of the children. One question many people have is how judges decide how much child support to order. Many factors play into this decision. Some of the factors that can impact child support payments include:


The best child support lawyer in CO knows that one of the main factors that determine child support amounts is each parent’s income. Both parents will have to submit their W-2’s, pay stubs and any other documents that show income. Generally, the parent who makes a higher income will have to pay the other parent-child support. Judges also assess if one parent is working to the fullest extent. If a judge determines that one parent is earning loss on purpose or voluntarily unemployed, he or she may attribute that parent’s income into the formula.

Number of Children

A judge will also consider the number of children a divorced couple has together before determining the amount of child support payments. The more children there are, the more child support one parent will have to pay to the other.

Overnight Visits

Many judges will consider the number of overnight visits each parent has with the children before determine child support amounts. This is to give credit for each parent for time they are financially responsible for the children. If one parent, for example, has sole custody of the children and the other parent sees the children every other weekend, the judge may order more child support for the custodial parent. However, as the best Colorado child support lawyer in Breckenridge may tell you, if parents share custody, the recipient parent may need less support throughout the year.

Major Changes

Child support payments don’t have to be set in stone. If a major change occurs after a child support order is put into place, that amount can be updated with help from Breckenridge’s best child support lawyer at Zweig Law, PC. For instance, if the parent who pays child support loses their job or becomes injured, the court may lower their obligation. If the parent receiving child support payments gets a higher paying job, the support payments will also be lowered. On the other hand, if the parent who pays child support gets a higher paying job or the children have a medical expense that requires more money, that parent may have to pay more child support.

Legal Assistance for a Child Support Hearing

The topic of child support can be a very sensitive one for parents who have recently split up, and now must dispute the terms of such payments. A former couple may have a hard time negotiating terms of child support on their own, especially since it has to do with their personal finances. When the parents cannot agree, a court hearing may be scheduled for a judge to determine the arrangement instead. The  best lawyer for child support located in Breckenridge, CO, such as one from Zweig Law, PC, may encourage parents to seek legal counsel during this time, since the process of preparing and attending court can be tricky. In the weeks prior to the child support hearing, it is pivotal that parents take the following advice into consideration: 

Ask Your Attorney for Clarification 

Parents who will be going into a hearing regarding child support, may receive plenty of mail containing legal paperwork to complete. As one of the  best lawyers for child support in Breckenridge, CO may emphasize the importance of asking for clarification and help if you are unsure about legal terminology or what a document means. It is normal for a parent to feel overwhelmed and tempted to ignore mail for at least a few days. However, you may receive time sensitive information that both you and your child support lawyer need to know about prior to the hearing. Do not put off your to-do list out of stress. When you have the  best lawyer for child support in Breckenridge, CO, you can feel confident in knowing that you will be provided with emotional and mental support. 

Focus on Facts and the Topic at Hand

A court hearing about child support is not the appropriate time to discuss other elements of parenting such as visitation and custody. While these factors may be a part of the discussion, they are not topics up for dispute. The intention of the hearing is for the judge to determine how much money in child support you will either have to pay or receive. A judge may factor in the parent’s earnings, current custody arrangements, percentage time spent with child and state laws, when calculating the final child support verdict. 

Don’t Forget First Impressions

The  best lawyer for child support Breckenridge, CO has to offer will also explain to you the importance of your appearance and behavior. A family court judge may not get the most accurate impression of you if you show up late, unprepared, or underdressed for the hearing. Get plenty of sleep, practice self-care, and don’t wait until the last minute to discuss factors of child support with your attorney at Zweig Law, PC.. It may not look so great on your behalf if you are rushing into the hearing late for a legal proceeding about your child’s wellbeing. Many parents find comfort having an attorney with them as representation during the hearing, just in case they start to feel nervous, or get stuck on a question and don’t know how to answer. 

Parents who want assistance preparing and strategizing for the child support hearing, can talk with the best lawyer for child support in Breckenridge, CO from Zweig Law, PC, at their earliest convenience. We highly recommend parents reach out to us as soon as they know they have a child support hearing scheduled. Let us help you get the results you are hoping for. 

Consulting With a Family Lawyer

If you’re thinking about asking your ex for child support or the other parent is requesting payment, you should talk to a member of our legal team. We have helped many people with their child support issues over the years and want to provide our assistance to you. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with the best lawyer for child support located in Breckenridge, CO from Zweig Law, PC at your earliest convenience.