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Divorce Lawyer Colorado- wooden gavel and divorce name signHow to Navigate Through a Divorce


Divorce is a particularly difficult occurrence for those who are involved with it. Divorce for some individuals is a breath of fresh air while for others it can feel like their lives are falling apart. Shared bank accounts, finances, properties, assets, and more may end up being split in a divorce. If the couple has children then a child custody battle may end up taking place. Child support payments and alimony may also be instituted by the court. Regardless of the different actions that take place in a divorce, it’s crucial to understand that help exists. No one has to go through a divorce fully on their own. Turn to the experience and guidance from Zweig Law, PC to help navigate and come to important agreements in a divorce.

Understand the Different Situations That May Arise

Divorce can bring about many different things throughout the course of the proceedings. Details of a spouse’s life will be examined. Whether they were faithful in the marriage is especially important to the outcome of the divorce settlement. Other factors like finances and important decision-making may also be brought up. If the couple has children then the time spent with children and care provided by each spouse will also be examined. The court will do all they can to try and understand the relationship as best they can. That means that every detail will be brought to light. In some cases, this can bring about strong behavior and emotions may run high. This is why turning to a  divorce lawyer in Colorado is so critical to ensure that the terms and agreements are fair for the client. 

Tactics Used in a Divorce

The other spouse’s legal team will do all they can for their client to at the very least receive what to them seems fair in a divorce proceeding. This can oftentimes make the other spouse feel that they are taking advantage. Certain tactics may be used that don’t provide the full picture of the marriage. If one spouse spends more time at work to provide for the family then this may even be used against the other spouse. The other legal team may paint the picture that that spouse is neglecting their family by working more than spending time with their family. They may also find small examples to try and further this claim. Countering these instances is important to ensure that the court doesn’t use those claims as their evidence. 

Assistance is Available

Some divorces can end amicably with little to no stress but the unfortunate reality for many people is a long and stressful divorce proceeding. The division of assets and finances as well as who gains custody of children can be some of the most stressful and difficult moments to face. Having skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced legal counsel is often the difference between a faster and more peaceful divorce and a difficult one with unfair terms. Contact Zweig Law, PC today for help with getting through your divorce.