DUI Defense Lawyer Summit County, CO

DUI Defense Lawyer Summit County, COWhen someone gets behind the wheel intoxicated and faces legal consequences, a DUI defense lawyer Summit County, CO recommends should be one of your first calls. Legal representation from Zweig Law, PC Attorneys at Law is imperative for many reasons. We know that this time can be full of apprehension and anxiety over potential consequences and how your life may be impacted. We want to provide you with the best opportunity at an outcome in your favor. It’s expected that with such stress over potential consequences that those facing charges will have many questions they are in search of the answers to, which is why contacting our team will be in your best interest. 

How does blood alcohol content (BAC) determine whether I am charged with a DUI?

When a person is driving with a BAC that is more than .08% and is pulled over by law enforcement, they will be charged with a DUI. It’s important to know that in Colorado, you could be charged with a DWAI if you have a BAC of .05%. While this is a lesser charge, it still comes with consequences. Typically law enforcement utilizes field sobriety tests and breathalyzers to determine whether a person is intoxicated. However, it’s essential to be aware that a breathalyzer can be inaccurate, and the best way to determine a person’s BAC is with either a blood or urine test. 

What are the common penalties of a DUI conviction in Colorado?

While no person wants to face penalties if they are convicted of a DUI, which is why the assistance of our DUI defense lawyer in Summit County, CO, is critical. They will provide the best opportunity to have the charges dropped or mitigate the consequences that could follow if convicted. Common DUI penalties include: 

  • Jail Time
  • Fines
  • License Suspension
  • Probation

Besides penalties handed down by the court, what other consequences might I face if convicted of a DUI?

In addition to traditional DUI penalties, there are other consequences that many may not consider until they are facing a potential DUI conviction. There are several ways that a person might be impacted, for example:

  • Increased Car Insurance
  • Impacted Relationships
  • Your Name and Arrest May be in the Local Paper
  • Loss of License
  • Difficulty Obtaining Employment or Housing

Is there a way to retain my driver’s license for essential activities like going to work or bring my kids to school? 

After a person is arrested for a DUI, their license will automatically be suspended in 7 days unless a DMV hearing is requested. It’s important to know that requesting a hearing within seven days is one of the only ways to keep your license following a DUI. This is a primary reason to quickly contact a DUI lawyer as they will assist with navigating this process. Failure to take immediate action after a first-time offense can result in loss of license for nine months.

Zweig Law, PC Attorneys at Law, know that sometimes, even the most responsible people can make poor decisions in the moment. No matter the reason, we know that you are remorseful over your decision to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. To experience the representation and legal guidance that you deserve during this difficult time, contact our Summit County, CO DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.